Turnkey Projects executed for the following Industries:

  • Resin Plants (all types)
  • Paints and Coating Industries
  • Printing Inks Industries
  • Natural Extraction Plants
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Bio- Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Chemical Industries
  • Power Plants
  • Total Solutions for Welding Automation
  • CNC Metal cutting solutions
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Chemical Reactors

All chemical processes will require Reactors of different types and capacities. We, at Sieco discuss with customers about their specific needs and carryout designing, manufacturing and supplying of Chemical Reactors with Agitators / Mixers. Sieco's Chemical Reactors are widely used for chemical processes like Polymerization, Esterification, Hydrolysis, Hydrogenation and Reduction and cater to Resin manufacturing, Chemical Process Plants, Paints & Coating, Pharmaceuticals, Biotech Industries, Food & Oil industries etc.

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Pressure Vessel

In some of the chemical reactors, there will be tremendous build up of pressure associated with increase in temperature. Sieco specializes in such pressure vessels of high volume. Sieco has designed and supplied Pressure Vessels for a working pressure greater than 100 kg/cm2 .

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High Speed Dispersers consist of driven vertical shaft and high shear disk type blade which creates a radial flow pattern mixing vessel where the blade surface mechanically reduces the solid mass and at the same time disperse them as liquid used as carrier fluid. High Speed Dispersers are ideal for high viscous application.

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Automated Welding Facility

SIECO designs, manufactures and delivers end-user specified turnkey welding systems. SIECO's Hi-tech Welding Facility using column and booms with self aligned rotators includes Orbital Welding, Fully Automated Sub Arc Welding, Fully Automated TIG and Plasma Welding, Pulse MIG / MAG Automatic Welding and Manual / Automatic TIG Welding.

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Plasma Welding with Hotwire Process

The hot wire process in the quality of Plasma (PAW) produces a high quality weld at a high deposition rate. The system uses higher wire feed speeds and it is electrically preheated so that the wire enters the weld pool without undesirable chilling of the pool. Preheat is created by applying an AC current to the wire prior to its entering the weld pool. Current is applied as the wire passes through a contact tip in the hot wire torch. Because the wire is preheated, the hot wire torch provides gas coverage for the wire. This gas coverage is in addition to the gas shielding of the welding arc.

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CNC Machining Facility

SIECO has hi-tech CNC machining facility that is equipped with four CNC lathes – ZMM Make: CU 500 MRD (2000, 3000, 4000 mm long between centre) & CU 760 (5000 mm long between centre), Milling, CNC Turning, Grinding machines, Radial Drilling, Plate and Pipe Rolling machines, Hydraulic Power Hacksaw etc.

CNC machining centre has a built-up area of 15000 Sft, connected with 140 HP KEB Power supply and 200 KVA Captive Power Generator including 10 Ton EOT crane facility for material handling.

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Conventional Machining Facility

Sieco has hi-precision conventional machining facility that comprises Universal Precision Lathes (ZMM Make: C400 MT x 1500 mm long between centre, CU 500 MRD x 4000 mm long between centre, CU 1250 RD x 5000 mm long between centre). We can turn and mill all types of materials for all types of applications. Our conventional machining facilities can design and produce components precisely and efficiently in compliance with requirement. We cater efficient jobs in the applications of Nuclear Power Plant, Aerospace Industries, Chemical, Pharmaceutical Industries etc.

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Welcome to Sieco…

Sieco, with an ISO 9001:2008 certification, is a renowned name in providing services from Concept to Commissioning for Process Plant Equipment on Turnkey basis. Since 30 years, Sieco has been in the industry serving clients across the globe with its flawless services.

Sieco is strategically situated in Bommasandra industrial Hub at Bangalore. Know more…

What We Do

Turnkey Projects

Turnkey Projects executed for the following Industries:

  • Resin Industries (all types)
  • Power Plant (Atomic / Nuclear, Thermal, Hydro & Biomass)
  • Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Paints and Coating Industries
  • Printing Inks Industries
  • Natural Extraction
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Bio-Tech Industries
  • CNC Metal cutting solution

Our Services

Services undertaken for Process Plants in India & Abroad:

  • Execution of Turnkey Projects
  • Technical Consultancy
  • Design, Fabrication & Supply
  • Installation and Commissioning
  • After Sales Service Support
  • Process / Industrial Piping

SIECO can execute any process plant project and supply custom designed equipment based on basic engineering input from clients / their consultants.

Heavy Fabrication with High Tech

SIECO has a state-of-the-art Welding Facility using column and booms with self aligned rotators include:

  • Fully Automated TIG and Plasma Welding with Cold and Hot wire process
  • High end Orbital Welding
  • Fully Automated Sub Arc Welding
  • Pulse MIG / MAG Automatic Welding
  • Manual / Automatic TIG Welding

The automation process is done in both vertical and horizontal position. The low-profile bead shape reduces post-weld operations, producing weld beads that are flawless in appearance.

CNC Machining / Conventional

Sieco's machining facilities include Conventional, CNC & Vertical Machining Centers that are equipped with the following:

  • CNC Turning centers
  • Precision Lathe Machines
  • CNC Vertical Machining Centers
  • Milling Machines
  • Radial Drilling Machine
  • Grinding Machines
  • CNC Profile Cutting Machines