Human Resource is the greatest asset and reason behind all success. Our staffs professionalism, team work and dedication have led us to our continuous success.

We encourage employees' participation and offer them exciting and challenging projects across a diverse range of industries. We are always looking for talented professionals with good experience to be a part of our company's rapid growth.

Indicated below is the list of current open positions with SIECO:

Candidates with Good Academic Record and Good Knowledge in relevant field may send their resume indicating the position to

  • MANAGER (Fabrication & Welding)

    MANAGER (Fabrication & Welding)

    Qualification & Experience :

    • B. Tech / M. Tech – Mechanical Engineering
    • Minimum 7-10 years experience as Plant Manager / Manger in an established fabrication unit.
    • Good Knowledge and understanding of fabrication, machining, welding etc.
    • Experience in fabrication of pressure vessels, heat exchanger, reactors, tanks etc
    • Good knowledge in ISO 9001:2008 documentation
    Responsibilities : Should possess
    • Good interpersonal relation and communication skills
    • Good leadership skills, Independent thinking, Strong organizing and planning abilities
    • Ability to Troubleshoot and resolve technical problems encountered by the Production
    • Excellent knowledge of interpreting engineering drawing / design documents
    • Capable of adhering to promised delivery
    Capable of :
    • Planning & scheduling, operations, maintenance, manpower etc to deliver quality products in time
    • Plan and process to minimize manufacturing costs through effective utilization of manpower, equipment, facilities, materials etc
    • Design and fabricate relevant production tooling, fixtures and gauges for the realization of manufacturing processes
    • Continually improve safety record by addressing both physical safety issues and employee safety attitudes.
    • Prepare documentations such as process instructions, technical reports and technical data packages
    • Maintain and improve housekeeping in all areas
    • Smooth and efficient functioning of the factory on day to day basis
  • MANAGER (Machine Tool Division)

    MANAGER (Machine Tool Division)

    Qualification & Experience :

    • B. Tech / M. Tech, Mechanical Engineering with experience in Machine Tool Division
    • Minimum 7-10 years of experience in Machine Shop Management and Operations
    • Comprehensive knowledge of machines including CNC machines, machine operations and shop management
    • Experience of inspection and safety requirement of Machine Division
    Responsibilities : Should possess
    • Good leadership quality, Capable of handling work force
    • Good planning, organizing and monitoring skill
    • Good interpersonal relation and communication skills
    • Excellent knowledge of interpreting engineering drawing / design documents
    • Capable of maintaining ISO records
    Capable of :
    • Organizing the work efficiently to ensure quality product as per planned schedules
    • Take responsibility of efficient performance of the Machine Tools Division and Ensures that job priorities are met.
    • Ensuring that jobs done are as per the drawing / design is within the tolerance limits
    • Over all responsibility of QA functions
    • Solving problems using technical tools and techniques
    • Understanding, analyzing and planning machining details from design drawings
  • MANAGER (Projects)

    MANAGER (Projects)

    Qualification & Experience :

    • B. Tech / M. Tech – Mechanical / Chemical Engineer
    • 5-7 years of experience in the project management
    • knowledge of designing process equipment and others is essential
    Responsibilities : Should possess
    • Technical competence to analyze and understand the project completely
    • Ability to execute the projects in an effective manner under management's guidance
    • Expertise to work in close liaison with the management, client and sub contractors
    • Ability to resolve issues and provide direction and support to project team
    Capable of :
    • Handling projects independently and ensure successful completion of project deliverables / milestones
    • Coordination, implementation, execution and completion of projects in time within allocation budget
    • Design and implement project plans and resource plan throughout the project till successful completion
    • Provide results, reports, recommendations and documentation to the management and client


    Qualification & Experience

    • B.E. – Mechanical / Chemical ; PG – MBA / PGDM (Marketing)
    • Minimum 7-10 years of experience in Marketing, preferably with relevant experience in similar industry.
    • Knowledge of design, fabrication, erection, testing and commissioning of process plant equipment, viz. pressure vessels, heat exchanger, reactors, distillation columns, scrubbers, evaporators, filters etc for Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Bio Tech and Process Plant Industries.
    Responsibilities : Should possess
    • Excellent communication, presentation and negotiation skills
    • Good inter-personal relations & adaptable to the new environment for achieving common goal
    • Quality to deliver efficiently even under pressure.
    Capable of :
    • Taking responsible for Business Development and marketing independently under management's guidance
    • Understanding customer's requirement in relevant industries
    • Prepare a detailed business plan keeping organization's objectives with the emerging opportunities and existing capability of the company in view.
    • Take responsibility to act for achieving the targets and objectives set. The activities would include interaction with clients, getting enquiries, preparing proposals, getting orders and seeing the project through. Drafting MOU, contracts will be an added advantage.
  • MANAGER (Materials)

    MANAGER (Materials)

    Qualification & Experience

    • B. Tech / M. Tech – Mechanical Engineering
    • 5 years in the field of purchase, planning, stores, inventory control etc.
    Responsibilities : Should possess
    • Analytical skills and the ability to skillfully plan and organize functions of purchase, stores & inventory control
    • Ability to deal with vendors and suppliers
    • Good communication skills
    Capable of :
    • Material planning and procurement, floating enquiry, evaluating offers, negotiating and ordering
    • Inventory control
    • Vendor rating and development
    • Conducting market survey and analysis of material cost and prices
    • Organizing and supervising the shipping and receiving of all materials
    • Developing procurement plans, assessing transportation, and carting of materials.
    • Managing records of all stock and inventory
  • Design Engineer

    Design Engineer

    Qualification & Experience

    • B. Tech / M. Tech – Mechanical / Chemical
    • Minimum 3-5 years in design of Process Plant and Process equipments viz. reactors, heat exchangers, pressure vessels etc
    • Knowledge & experience in use of national / international codes & standards and design Software
    Responsibilities : Should possess
    • Advanced computer skills to work with designing software
    • Knowledge of compatibility of material of construction
    • Ability to understand and use various National and International Codes and Standards, use them effectively in designing products and providing optimal design / solution
    Capable of :
    • Designing new products using computer-aided design software applications such as AutoCAD, Pro/E, and Solid Works
    • Thorough understanding of the products or field for which designs are being done and the requirements of their intended users
    • Understanding of technological and engineering drawings
    • Carryout designs, produce required GA and detailed drawing for fabrication, generate bill of materials and provide direct support to fabrication shop
    • Coordinating with the project group and the client to ensure that the design is in line with what is required
    • Making modifications to existing designs or products, to improve their performance or to integrate new technology
  • Process Engineer

    Process Engineer

    Qualification & Experience

    • B. Tech / M. Tech – Mechanical / Chemical Engineering
    • Minimum 1-3 years
    • knowledge of Chemical Engineering & Unit Operations and good understanding of Chemical Process Plant and equipment
    Responsibilities : Should possess
    • Capable of designing process plant equipment
    • Applying the principles of mass, momentum and heat transfer to process and equipment design, including conceptual, scheme and detail design.
    • Preparing project reports, flow diagrams, layout, equipment specifications etc
    • Ensuring the process works at the optimum level, to the right rate and quality of output.
    • Making observations and taking measurements directly, as well as collecting and interpreting data from the other technical and operating staff involved.
    • Ensuring that all aspects of an operation or process meet specified regulations