Testing Facility

HSieco has added Helium Leak detecting facility. This is used for checking and detecting leaks in various equipment mostly related to high vacuum. The solution for any leak detection application

Helium Leak Detector

Sieco has Helium Leak detecting facility for checking and detecting leaks in various equipment of production processes. Helium Leak Detector with the following features is used for testing and detecting leaks. This unit accommodates two tracer gases, helium and hydrogen.

Key Benefits:
  • Power, simplicity and versatility
  • Very powerful vacuum system leading to unrivalled performances from small to large volumes.
  • 15 mbar crossover pressure for a rapid entry into measurement mode
  • Color touch panel display with full 360° viewing offering excellent visibility
  • Intuitive menu easy to navigate
  • Recording and downloading capabilities with SD memory card
  • Low maintenance cost, attaining benefits of rugged filaments and new turbo pump design
Markets / Applications:
  • Semiconductor
  • LED / PV / FPD
  • Coating
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical
  • Nuclear Physics / Research & Development
  • Chemical and Mechanical Equipment
  • Electrical

Hydro Test

Sieco provide a wide hydrostatic test facility to find out the leaks in manufacturing / fabricating equipment like pressure vessels / pressure equipment / cylinders etc. Sieco can offer Hydrostatic pressure testing ranging from 15 PSI to 7000 PSI to meet the DOT standards. The testing is carried out at our factory Premises. Hydrostatic tests are conducted as per requirements of either the National or International specifications.

Non- Destructive Testing (NDT)

  • X-Ray
  • Ultra-sonic
  • DP Test (Dye Penetrate)

Pneumatic Test

In house facility : High Pressure and Low Pressure Air Compressor