Column & Boom manipulator

SIECO can produce with a wide capacity range from 1.5 mtrs to 6.0 mtrs (60" to 236") strokes. The Column and Boom Manipulators can be used on a wide variety of parts and part shapes.

Sieco's standard column and boom manipulators have the following specifications:

  • Boom drive that comprise Heavy-Duty Linear Ways and Precision Ball Screw of various sizes and Larger Rack and Pinion Drive, Servo Motor with adjustable speed
  • Column Lift mechanism comprises of Heavy-duty linear ways and Precision Ball screw up to 3.0 mtrs, 4.0 mtrs and larger Double Chain, Sprocket drive with High Efficiency Servo gear motor with adjustable speed drive
  • King-pin base allows 360 degrees of column rotation
  • Safety Device to stop boom if chain should fail

These manipulators are designed to move a weld head over a weld joint. In order to meet the application requirements, the CBM series is produced in several ranges. SIECO upgrades each axis of the CBM motion as precision welding axis and X-Y drive to a ball screw and nut, driven by a servo motor with encoder feedback. SIECO will also consider your special requests for column and boom manipulators and features as well.

The following benefits of standard column and boom manipulator over welding the part manually reduces the time to prepare a part for welding and finish a part after welding. Also, rework time will be reduced and part scrap will be cut.
  • Capable to achieve consistent weld results
  • Capable to maintain weld head over weld joint in a stable position during the weld
  • Increases arc-on time and overall productivity
  • Provides ability to have multi-weld stations using only one weld head, increasing your return on investment
  • Reduced operator fatigue
  • Reduced consumable costs
  • Ability to have two welding process at one welding station by using both ends of the boom

Welding is performed using GTAW, PAW, GMAW, FCAW, SAW. To weld in a stable and secure manner, weld head is located to a desired position by the use of Standard Column and Boom Manipulators after which the part is moved during welding to produce high quality welds. The standard boom can be used as a linear welding axis in some GMAW, SAW and FCAW welding, as these weld processes may not require precise welding motion. In case of linear welding desired for GTAW, PAW and Laser welding, we advise to upgrade the boom motion to the precision CBM model.


Storage Tanks, Chemical Tanks, Pipe Manufacturing Industry, Boiler Industry etc

  • Motorized horizontal boom travel, rack and pinion gear drive. Adjustable speed - 25 to 1500 mm/min. (2 to 60 IPM) using AC Motor. (Precision drive uses ball screw with Double nut, with Servo motor with encoder feedback, speed range is 1 to 60 IPM)
  • Motorized boom lift travel, double chain drive. Adjustable speed, 25 to 1500 mm/min. (1 to 60 IPM) (Precision drive uses ball screw and nut, with Servo motor with encode feedback, speed range is 1 to 60 IPM)
  • Safety Device – anti-fall device in case the chain should fail
  • Rotational Base assembly – allows column to be rotated 360 degrees. Includes locking brake with travel Car option, includes manual gear to rotate column
  • Pendent Control – Includes joystick for operator to control up/down and in/out position of manipulator
  • AC Motors drive boom – both horizontally and vertically
  • Limit Switches included to prevent over-travel.
  • Heavy-duty linear Guide ways on boom and column to insure smooth travel in both axis. Horizontal boom travel for some GMAW, FCAW and SAW applications.
  • Boom and Column are machined to insure smooth and accurate travel motion
  • Designed to hold 200 kgs (440 lbs) of total weight on boom, on either end.

NOTE: SIECO manipulators are NOT designed as personnel carriers. A seat or operator platform should never be added to the boom, nor should a person ever ride on the boom.