Self aligned rotator/ conventional rotator

Self Aligned Rotator:

The Main function of self-aligned welding rotator is to roll work pieces of different sizes without changing the wheel centre, automatically. The welding rotator has two sets of 4 wheels / tyres each. One of the wheels that are in contact with the track is driven by the AC or DC Motor for traction. An Electronic device senses the location of the wheels and activates the driving motor, which automatically moves the wheels to the desired / set wheel centres. The device is provided with high tech anti-creep control. They are made up of high stress roller cushion tyres of 850 dural hardness, which absorb shock to gearbox and tyre damage. Each section supports the vessel on four points ensuring better traction, and on machines of different capacity. The four wheels of the drive section with clutches are positively driven. This four point suspension is an added advantage when on handling thin walled vessels.

Salient Features:

  • Rotators mainly consist of drive, idler, electrical controls
  • Rotators are used for the inside and outside circumferential and longitudinal welding
  • The distance of rollers can be adjusted automatically according to the diameter of workpiece
  • VFS speed control, or a simple gear box drive, as per customer choice. It is stable and precise
  • Rubber, steel or PU wheels customers choice
  • The roller wheel consists of specialized heavy duty tyres made up of 650 dural hardness
  • AC or DC Motor – Ensures constant speed with outer balance loads of 15%
  • Drive system with hi-stress rubber cushion mounts to absorb shock loads and prevent gear box damage.

Conventional Rotator:

The Conventional Welding rotator capacity ranges up to 1500 tons for larger loads and larger diameter range, provided with all Polyurethane wheels with overload disc and all steel wheels according to the capacity. The frame and rotator base is fabricated vigorously to ensure perfect alignment to carry the weight of the vessel / Job. Both the drive and the idler frames are provided with robust fabricated and machined wheel brackets which support the axles and bearings of the rollers

  • Rotators can be used for applications like Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchanges, Boilers, Tanks, Pipe welding etc.
  • More effective and better solutions to cater higher capacity for Nuclear, Generator, ship building etc
  • Fast production and quality improvements
  • Reduce fatigue for welder
  • No need to use crane of job handling