Positioner & Table rotator


Welding Positioner consists of worktable rotation unit and tilting unit. Through worktable elevation, the work piece fixed on the worktable can be placed to ideal position for welding and assembly by the worktable tilting and rotating. To achieve satisfactory welding speed, working table rotating is controlled invariably and continuously with inverter. Welding Positioners align the job to the best position for down hand welding for non circular jobs or for rotating circular jobs.


  • Job can be tilted any side for convenient operation
  • Face plate rotates with variable speed
  • Easy positioning and allows maximum flexibility in job handling
  • Eliminates frequent usage of crane
  • Single handed job manipulation and welding reduces labour cost
  • Improved weld quality reduces weld defects and rejection.
  • Adaptable for automatic of manual welding.
  • Ideal for in combination with Column & Boom.

Table Rotator

Table Rotator provides accurate and steady rotation for medium to large work pieces. Speed is infinitely variable in various ranges and in both forward and reverse directions. A heavy duty foot pedal controls rotation. Table Rotator allows the welder to rotate the work piece through out 360o reposition for welding positioning. Table Rotator is also used for polishing, painting, metal spray coating etc.