TIG welding

With regard to the materials to be used, wall thicknesses and welding positions, TIG welding is a universal welding process. It enables top quality welded joints to be created.

TIG Hot Wire Welding

TIG hot wire welding is a further development of TIG cold wire welding. The welding consumable is heated by a separate power source using resistance heating of the wire stick-out between the contact tip of the hot wire torch and the molten pool. There are many advantages over cold wire welding mainly due to the improved heat balance provided by this process.

TIG Cold Wire Welding

TIG cold wire welding was developed primarily with the aim of making TIG welding easier and more convenient to use and secondarily to increase the welding speed. In this process, the welding consumable is conveyed to the weld pool by a wire feed unit. Deposition rates, however, remain limited.

Plasma Arc Welding with Hot Wire Process