Hi-Tech Welding and Cutting Automation Turnkey Solution

SIECO designs, manufactures, and delivers end-user specified turnkey welding systems. SIECO's Hi-tech Welding Facility using column and booms with self aligned rotators includes Fully Automated TIG and Plasma Welding with Cold and Hot wire process, High end Orbital Welding, Fully Automated Sub Arc Welding, Pulse MIG / MAG Automatic Welding, Manual / Automatic TIG Welding.

Automated Welding Systems

  • Turnkey systems for virtually all welding processes.
  • Seam Welding - Vertical and Horizontal.
  • Circumferential Welding.
  • Weld Lathes.

Intelligent Welding Process

  • GTA (Tig), GMA (Mig), Cold wire, Hotwire Wire feed.
  • PAW (Plasma), Variable Polarity Plasma.
  • Seam Welder.
  • Synchronized Pulsation.
  • Hotwire plasma and Tig Welding.
  • Lincoln ArcLink integration.

Welding Lathes

  • Precision Weld Lathe based on Harmonic Drive Assembly for improved accuracy, speed control, longevity, and load capacity.
  • Available in bench top lathe welding configuration, or in an industrial welding lathe workstation for larger parts.
  • Pre-packaged turnkey automated welding lathe stations including single point power distribution.
  • Available features include AVC, Automatic Voltage Control, Cold Wire Feed, Hot Wire Feed, Touch Start, Touch Retract, Mechanical Oscillation, Synchronized Tail stock for open root welding.

Seam Welding

Longitudinal Seam Welders, also known as Stakebed, Horn and Linear Seam Welders, are used to provide high quality welds with low distortion on linear weld joints. Available in Horizontal and Vertical Configurations.

  • 100% penetration weld capability.
  • Eliminate or reduce tack welding necessity.
  • The chill shunt effect reduces distortion warping and oxidation of the weld and heat affected zone, resulting in better appearance.
  • Available features include AVC, Automatic Voltage Control, Cold Wire Feed, Hot Wire Feed, Touch Start, Touch Retract, Mechanical Oscillation, Magnetic Oscillation.
  • Water cooled and backup gas inserts available.

Turning and Fit Up Rolls

Turning rolls are used to accurately rotate a part about a weld head to produce high quality welds in a variety of different applications and to rotate parts for fit-up applications and pre/post heating processes. Welding is performed using GTAW, PAW, GMAW, or SAW.

Sieco have two standard models of turning rolls:

  • Conventional
  • Self-Aligning

The conventional and self-aligning have weight capacities from 1 ton to 30 tons with the turning rolls having the following capacities and specifications:

  • Mainly used for fit-up welding
  • Roller distance could be changed by hydraulic cylinders to meet requirement of work pieces with different Dia
  • Work piece could be moved up & down, left & right
  • PU rollers are much more durable
  • Frequency speed control is applied for the adjustment of roller speed
  • Loading capacity: 1500 Ton
  • Roller speed: 75 mm / min to 1500 mm / min
  • On driven rollers to avoid part slipping
  • Overload protection on the wheels
  • Hi-stress rubber cushion mounts to absorb shock loads and avoid gear box damages, and an overload disc to avoid any possible tyre damage
  • Roller wheels consist of specialized heavy duty tyres of 85° dural hardness
  • Rotators can be used for applications like Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchanges, Boilers, Tanks, Pipe welding etc
  • More effective and better solutions to cater higher capacity for Nuclear, Generator, ship building etc
  • Fast production and quality improvements
  • Reduce fatigue for welder
  • No need to use crane of job handling